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Titmouse By Chris and Shannon Prynoski. Check out animations directed by Chris P, the creator of MTV's DownTown.

An idle robot Dino Alberto, quirky & cute character designs.

Pat Smith Art by animation director Pat Smith.

Dave Horowitz Children's book author/ illustrator/ musician.

TeeVee Graphics Groovy team of creators in Tokyo, directed by Junji Kojima

67531 Graphics. Fun comics and illustrations by Ippei Hirasawa.

Dan Snow Dan Snow, the stone waller, sculptor, enviromental artist and writer living in Vermont.

Hilary Graham Author/screenwriter/director. Author of REUNITED, soon to be published by Simon and Schuster.

Shoei Yoh An architect (Kaori's Dad). He was also a professor of Architecture and Urban Design at Columbia University in New York and Keio University in Tokyo.

Shomei Yoh Children's book author / illustrator (Kaori's uncle). He has published many books about nature and peace.

Teiji Hayama (Kaori's cousin) Painter based in Switzerland.

Kenei Hayama (Kaori's cousin) Illustrator/Designer based in Tokyo.

Tamayo Horiuchi (Kaori's cousin) Photographer based in Italy.


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